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Free ChatGPT MOD APK v3.9.5.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Moreapk icon appApp NameChatGPT APK
Moreapk icon developerDeveloperOpenAI
Moreapk icon genreGenreTool
Moreapk last updatedUpdated Onv3.9.5.1
moreapk compatibilityCompatibilityAndroid 7.0 or Above
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Moreapk icon modMOD INFOPremium Unlocked, Without WaterMark
file size iconSize45.5 MB
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ChatGPT is an efficient and smart AI chatbot application. November 30, 2022, saw the release of the app. OpenAI and Microsoft Corporation worked in collaboration with each other. And as a result of their teamwork, they created a masterpiece known as ChatGPT MOD APK. The app comes with an expanded variety of remarkable features. Users can use and enjoy the app for free without paying a dime. 

Yet if users want to use the highest version of it, they will have to use paid plans. The app answers all the queries of users in a few seconds. As it is an AI extension, it has information about almost everything. The format of the application is accessible to a great extent. There is no complexity in understanding the app’s use. Yet the better versions of the app are still coming. The upcoming versions involve extraordinary capabilities and features. Yet overall, the application is quite beneficial. So if you like to search for informative things, this app is suitable for you.

How To Install And Use ChatGPT APK

  • Use a search engine on the internet: In order to conduct searches, users must visit the Google Play Store or the App Store. There, they will see a search bar. Users have to enter the name of the application, “ChatGPT app,” into the search bar.
  • Turn on the “unknown resources” option After activating the “unknown resources” option, users need to go to their mobile settings. They can help with the third-party program’s installation with this. Users will have to enable the option. After it is enabled, they will be able to download the application from an external source.
  • Install the app When a user clicks on the application, an install button will appear. When they hit the button, the ChatGPT app will download and install on their mobile devices.
  • Launch the app: Users can open and use the application once it has been installed on their device.

As users open the app, they will come to the home page. The home page of the app is very simple and understandable. There is no rocket science behind how to use the app. There is a sidebar available in the app. Yet users will also see a text box on the home page. In the text box, the users will have to type their queries. As they are done typing, they will see an arrow at the bottom right. 

Users can tap on the arrow to get a response for the app. As they tap on the arrow, they will experience a rapid response. Sometimes it happens that the users are not satisfied with the response. So in such a situation, they can regenerate it. Not only that but the users are also allowed to copy a response. They can select the whole text and copy it. And after that, they can paste it wherever they want. 

Users can even share the response with their friends online. And let their friends get interesting information. It is mandatory to know that an app does not always offer correct information. In rare cases, the app’s responses are offensive and irrelevant. However, the users should show some responsibility in its use. Yet, the app is fantastic in all aspects.

Features Of ChatGPT APK

Experience Ultimate Thrill With Conversational AI

The app comes with a very exciting feature for its users. It offers users a conversational AI tool. In some AI extensions, users are offered only a chat box. Where they can type their prompt and get the response. The response they receive is often in the form of text. There is no excitement or thrill in such a feature. 

But ChatGPT is different in its features. The app contains a microphone in its format. So when the users type and get a response, they will have to tap on the mic. And they will see that the app will begin to speak the response it generated. So the users will not have to put a deep focus on the text. They can just listen to the text with proper attention. Yet we can say that this feature of the app is amazing.

Get Instant Responses And Tailored Advice

The app comes with another very exciting feature for its users. The app allows its users to enjoy the feature of instant responses. Many other AI extensions are not responding rapidly. The users become sick of such behavior. They want a search engine that gives instant responses. For such users, the ChatGPT MOD APK is a perfect choice. 

Because the app will provide instant responses to the users. Not only that, but the app also gives its users several sensible ideas. Thus, users can explore new and distinctive ideas for the future. This feature also saves precious time for users. This is why the feature is among the favorites of the users.

Get Remarkable Learning Opportunities And Creative Inspiration

The app comes with an outstanding feature for its users. The app allows users to experience remarkable learning opportunities. The app itself is a fantastic opportunity for users. Being an AI search engine, it has information about almost everything. Yet, there is still a need for some corrections. 

The app sometimes misbehaves and is unable to provide exact information. But it happens in rare cases. Most of the time, the app’s responses are accurate and perfect. The app responses are full of worldwide exploration and verification. So users can always seek something new and inspiring. 

We can say that the app will keep the users updated. Users can get ideas from the app and use their creativity skills too. This will help them raise the status of the project they are working on. Overall, this feature of the app is quite amazing.

MOD Features OF ChatGPT APK

ChatGPT MOD APK Has Everything Unlimited And Unlocked

The earlier versions of the app offer ultimate positivity. But still, the users are not satisfied with the application. The reason behind this is that users are somehow restricted. Users want to experience and enjoy every feature. But they are only granted access to a few features. If users want to access every single feature, they will have to use paid plans. 

This is the reason that users become sick of using the app. They have no desire to use their money to unlock features. Or we can say that some people do not have enough money to spend. All such reasons let the users to lose interest in the app. Whereas the developers of the app do not want them to do so, they want the users to stay engaged and connected with the app.

Because they know that losing interest in the app is not a good impact. For this reason, users developed a modified version of the app. In Chatgpt MOD APK’s latest version, users are offered everything unlimited. ChatGPT MOD APK premium unlocked download involves unlocked features. So using Chatgpt MOD APK for PC, you will not have to worry about restrictions.

ChatGPT MOD APK Has No Advertisements

The previous version of the app comes with ultimate favors. But still, the users are not satisfied with it. The reason is the frequent appearance of advertisements. It happens that the user inputs the prompt. Abruptly, an advertisement materializes. Due to this, the response from the app is pending. The users consider this a very distracting and unfavorable act for themselves.

 They also want to get rid of these irritating advertisements. These are the actual reasons for losing interest in the app. To avoid such complications, the developers launched an upgraded version of the app. In ChatGPT MOD APK, users are offered extraordinary features. ChatGPT MOD APK download comes with the favorable feature of no advertisements. So using the ChatGPT APK download, you can enjoy the app without any distractions.

Pros and Cons Of ChatGPT MOD APK

  • There are many entertaining features available for users to select from. 
  • The format provided to the users is more fundamental and less complex.
  • The application is free to use. Moreover, there is no cost to use the application.
  • Excellent reviews and high ratings are available for the application.
  • The application offers save and share options to users.
  • Users will receive quick responses from the application.
  • Users will receive quick responses from the application.
  • Get several remarkable learning opportunities.
  • A few users have expressed dissatisfaction with the app’s security and privacy. 
  • The app sometimes misbehaves or gives irrelevant responses. 
  • The application frequently displays ads.
  • By using and modifying high-quality content, users will experience crashes in the application. 
  • Certain devices are incompatible with the application.

Requirements of ChatGPT MOD Version

As we already know, each app has particular requirements. And if your device meets those specifications, you can install the application. After making sure their device satisfies the required requirements, users can install it. Similar to other apps, ChatGPT APK MOD also has some specific requirements. For Android users, the app version is not specific. Users can use the app version according to their device version. 

For iOS users, there are some specific requirements. The iPhone 8 is recommended for app installation. While iOS version 16.1 or later is compatible with the application. A high-end CPU with at least 16 cores is required for the app. A minimum of 64 GB of RAM is a must for app installation. At least 16 GB of VRAM is also among the requirements of the app. A good amount of storage space is required for the app.

How to Download and Install ChatGPT MOD APK File

  • Click on the ChatGPT MOD APK download button.
  • Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Now tap Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.


Don’t worry if you don’t want to pay for a subscription. The MOD version of this program includes the full version for free

To gain free premium access in the ChatGPT app, download the MOD version. Then you will be able to enjoy all the app’s premium features

ChatGPT is free to download from the Google Play Store. Some features are limited. They need a monthly subscription fee. But excellent on you. Our website allows you to download it with all its features unlocked.


ChatGPT MOD APK is one of the most well-known apps on social media. The application contains diversity in every way. Due to its many useful features, the application has become more and more popular. Not only that, but the app allows you to search for your queries. You can get instant responses from the app. Also, you can become creative by getting distinctive information. You can have a catchy experience with the app. 

The application’s format is yet another excellent illustration of convenience. All of the tools in the app can be used for the fastest response. You can enjoy the application for free. This version of the application avoids advertisements. Thus,  ChatGPT MOD APK is a sort of entertainment. This explains why it became so well-known so quickly. The overall application is a masterpiece. Please remember to download this amazing app. You can add excitement and memorable moments to your free time. 

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