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Moreapk icon appApp NameMeitu APK
Moreapk icon developerDeveloperMeitu (China) Limited
Moreapk icon genreGenrePhotography
Moreapk last updatedUpdated Onv9.10.3.5
moreapk compatibilityCompatibilityAndroid 5.1 or Above
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Moreapk icon modMOD INFOFree VIP Unlocked, No Watermark, Premium


In the modern world, people are fond of editing their photos into distinctive styles. They want everyone to admire their photos. And they want to create eye-catching and impressive content for themselves. For this purpose, the developers created an outstanding application known as Meitu MOD APK. This is considered one of the most well-known video and photo editing applications. 

The application offers its users a variety of adorable effects and filters. Also, users are provided with a huge variety of editing tools. They are also provided with an excellent collection of collages. All these things help the users create well-edited content. Hence, we can say that the Meitu app video editor is the best choice for users who love editing their photos and videos.

Download and Use Meitu MOD APK

  • Go to a search engine: Users will have to go to a search engine like the Google Play Store or App Store. There, they will see a search bar. Users will need to enter the app’s name into the search bar. 
  • Enable unknown resources option: After that, the users will have to go to their mobile settings. They will witness the possession of unidentified resources there. Users will have to enable the option. As they enable it, they will be able to download the application from a third-party source. 
  • Install the app: The users will see the install button as they tap on the app. After tapping on the button, the app will be installed on their mobile devices. 
  • Open the app: Once the app is installed on the device, users can open it and start using it. 

As the users open the application, they are provided with a sign-in option. The users will have to sign in with their existing accounts. If users do not have any accounts, they can create a new one and sign in with it. After that, the users can select the picture they want to edit. They can do so by tapping on the plus button. After selecting the photo or video, the users will see a variety of filters and effects. 

They can apply these filters and effects to make their content more attractive. They can also use editing tools to enhance the beauty of their images. In addition to this, the users are also provided with cute collages. They can select any of them that better suits their editing taste. Overall, the application is quite suitable for users who are fond of image editing.

Features of Meitu APK

An Expanded Variety of Adorable Effects and Filters

The application offers its users a variety of favorable features. One of them is a huge variety of adorable effects and filters. Users can apply these filters and effects to create high-quality content. If users love a dark look, they can apply dark filters to their pictures. The users are also provided with a variety of vintage filters and effects.

With the help of such filters and effects, they can create an aesthetic look. Moreover, they are also provided with bright filters, which help them create engaging photos. Users can keep applying the filters and effects until they love the editing. Yet this filter is also an amazing part of the application.

An Extensive Variety of Efficient Editing Tools

The application also provides efficient editing tools to its users. Users are provided with a huge range of tools to edit their content. They can use a cutting tool to cut the picture into parts. Another tool is known as the crop tool, which helps them remove unwanted parts of the picture. The users are also provided with a rotation tool. With the help of this tool, users can rotate their pictures in different directions. Many other tools for users make editing easy for them.

Straightforward, Easy, and Understandable Format

The application comes with another interesting feature. The developers designed the application in a very straightforward manner. All the necessary options are available on the home page of the app. The users will not have to go for a deep search.

 Even users with no prior knowledge about the app can use it with ease. They will not have to seek guidance from others. They can add pictures with the help of the plus option. Moreover, all the effects and filters are provided at the bottom of the homepage. Yet, the users will be able to use every option without any complexity.

Beautiful Variety of Backgrounds, Borders, Text and Stickers

In this application, the users are provided with another very amazing feature. Using Meitu APK, users can enjoy a huge variety of backgrounds and borders. Users can use various backgrounds to give their content a unique look. These colorful borders and backgrounds come with different designs. Not only that but the users are provided with a great number of borders. 

We can say that this feature allows users to create a portrait look. Moreover, users can also add text to their images or videos. They can change the fonts and colors of the text. This is the way to describe their photos or videos. They can also add funny or cute stickers to their pictures or videos. So this feature plays a very vital role in the app’s popularity.

A Huge Collection of Pretty and Colorful Collages

Another amazing feature of the application is the extensive variety of collages. The users are provided with colorful and attractive collages. They can apply these collages to their photos and make them look pretty. The users are provided with different categories of collages. 

They can select from love collages. Also, they can select from the classic and cool categories of collages. Furthermore, these collages come in different colors and looks. Hence, the overall huge collection of collages is an excellent feature of the entire application.

MOD Features of Meitu APK

Meitu MOD APK No Watermark

In the original version of the application, users are provided with an excellent experience. But when the users edit their photos, a watermark appears. Users do not like this mark on their content. They don’t want to represent the name of the application. They consider these watermarks annoying. Also, they think that these watermarks affect the look of their content.

They want to permanently get rid of these watermarks. Due to this issue, users begin to lose interest in the application. Users are given access to an updated version of the app to prevent situations like these. In the Meitu MOD APK 2023, users are provided with a favorable feature. Using the Meitu MOD APK premium unlock, users can edit their photos without the appearance of a watermark.

Meitu MOD APK VIP Unlocked

In the original version of the app, users are provided with a positive experience. However, there are some limitations placed on users in this version. There are not many features available to users that are unlocked. They can only enjoy a small number of filters and effects. They also have the right to use a limited number of tools. Yet, the users want to enjoy every feature in the app. Also, they want to unlock all the editing tools and effects. 

But for this, they will have to spend their money. Users considered these things very unfavorable for them. Due to this, they begin to lose interest in the application. To avoid such a situation, the users are provided with a modified version of the app. Meitu MOD APK VIP unlocked the old version and lets players enjoy every feature of the app. This is because Meitu MOD APK unlocked all users with every feature. So the users will not have to spend their money to unlock features.

Meitu MOD APK has No Ads

In the original version of the application, the users experienced extreme positivity. But when the users are engaged in using the application, all of a sudden an ad appears. This results in distracting the user’s attention, and users get sick of the frequent appearance of ads. This is because the users start losing interest in the app. 

To avoid such circumstances, users are provided with an upgraded version of the app. Meitu app download provides its users with a very favorable feature of no ads. So using the latest version, users will not have to worry about the frequent and sudden appearance of ads.

Pros and Cons of Meitu MOD APK

  • Users are provided with a wide variety of editing tools. 
  • Users are provided with a great number of effects and filters.
  • The users are provided with a less complex and straightforward format.
  • The application is free to use, and users will not have to pay any charges for the app.
  • Beautiful and colorful borders and backgrounds are provided to the users.
  • The application allows users to share their edits online with their friends.
  • The application offers users high-quality editing tools.
  • The application has high ratings and excellent reviews.
  • Some of the users of the app complain that the application lacks privacy.
  • The application frequently displays ads.
  • Also, if the users edit high-quality pictures, the app’s service crashes. 
  • The application is not compatible with every device.

Requirements of Meitu MOD APK

We already know that every application has certain requirements to be installed on any device. The same Meitu MOD APK also has some limitations. The users will have to ensure that their devices fulfill the requirements. Yes, after that, the users will be allowed to download and install the app on their phones. However, it is imperative to first understand that the application is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. 

On Android devices, the application requires a version of 4.1 or higher. But if the users want to use some premium features, the iOS version should be 15.0 or later. Coming to the RAM capacity, which should be almost 1GB. The application requires a storage capacity of almost 50 MB or higher. Furthermore, a robust internet connection is needed for the application. 

How to Download and Install Meitu MOD APK

  • Click on the Meitu MOD APK download button.
  • Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Now tap Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.


Meitu APK is free. You can download it from our website for free.

You can download the Meitu app for free on our website. The updated Meitu is always available.

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Yes, it is totally safe and already tested.

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Meitu MOD APK is one of the most well-known photo editing apps. The application offers a variety of favorable features to its users. Also, users are provided with the most advanced variety of editing tools. The effects and filters are also admirable. 

Coming forward to the format of the application, which is convenient to a great extent, Meitu MOD APK’s latest version download is the best choice for editing lovers or social media influencers. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to download the app and enjoy all of its amazing features.

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