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In the present age, people are very active on social media platforms. They post their musical videos as stories and posts. People need quality musical videos to post on their social media accounts. The reason is that the more well-edited videos, the more they will attract the attention of the audience. Creating short videos by merging photos is trendy these days. Such videos are available in plenty on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and TikTok. Enjoy the amazing download of OldRoll for beautiful pictures.

Mivi Video Editor will help people in this regard. Using the Mivi app, users become able to edit next-level videos for themselves. The users will have to select and place the photos they want to edit. The program itself is going to make all the modifications and adjustments. The application offers its users many beautiful effects. Using these effects, you can create high-quality content. Moreover, the users are also provided with text and music options. The application allows its users to edit musical videos on their Android phones. So we can say the application is the best choice for social media influencers.

How to Download and Use Mivi MOD APK

We will discuss the steps of the application installation first.

  • Go to the Google Play Store: The users will have to open the Google Play Store on their Android devices. There, they will see a search bar. The users will have to type the name of the application in the search bar.
  • Install the app: As the users search the app, they will see the application. They will have to tap into the application and install it.
  • Open the app: As the application is installed, users can open it and enjoy using it.

After opening the app, users will see a login option. They can log in with their existing account if they already have one. If the users do not have any accounts, they can create one. After signing in, the users will see the main screen. On the screen, they will see a great number of templates. They can select any of these templates to apply to their video. Once the users are done selecting the template, they can start adding photos. Users are allowed to add a maximum of 100 photos to a video. After adding photos to the template, they can start editing their videos. Download Twitch for live streaming.

They can add music to their video and make it more adorable. Users can also add text to their videos, which helps them describe them in a better way. Users can keep editing their video until they are satisfied with the editing. But once they are done with editing, they can export the video. By tapping on the export option, they can save the video to their personal storage. Also, they can share the application on their social media platforms. 

Features of Mivi APK

Following are the features of the Mivi APK app

The Application Offers Incredible Filters, Templates, and Effects

The application offers its users a wide range of filters and effects. Which helps the users enhance their ordinary pictures to the next level. With the help of these effects, they can manage the dark spots in the picture. The users are also provided with a huge number of templates. They can use these templates to create attractive content. We can say that this feature of the application is a favorite of many users.

The templates contain different styles, such as slideshows, outros, and intros. Moreover, effects like slow motion and fast motion can also make their video look adorable. Yet, the variety of filters includes dark filters, light filters, and vibrant filters. Some people love to give their pictures a dark look. While some want to give their pictures an aesthetic vibe so they can use a vibrant filter. The application is the best choice for users of all tastes.

Users can Add Stylish Text and Music to their Video

The application offers another very amazing feature to its users. Using this feature, users are able to add text and music to their videos. We will talk about the stylish text feature first. Users are provided with a great number of stylish fonts. Users often add text to their videos to better describe them. They can bold the text or also change it into italics.

Users can even change the color of their text. Now, coming forward to the music feature, users are provided with a huge variety of music and sound tracks. They can add any of the sound tracks to their video. Users can also select music from the internal storage of their mobile phones. Adding a music feature can give their videos a very stunning look. This feature is also one of the favorites of the users.

The Application Offers Complete Privacy

Mivi APK is the application that provides its users with another very convenient feature. Using this app, users can not only edit their content but also export it. There are no restrictions on users exporting the video. Its completely up to the user whether they want to export it to their personal storage. Or they can also share their edited content on various social media platforms. The application cares a lot about the privacy concerns of its users. In short, we can say that the application is safe to use. Discord is completely safe download and enjoy.

The App Offers an Easy and Straightforward Interface

Another fantastic feature of the application is that it is very simple and easy to use. The developer tried his best to provide the users with a convenient experience. Users are provided with a very simple and easy format. There is no complexity in the use of the application. And users with no prior knowledge about the application can use it with great ease. The use of the application does not demand any particular editing skill. The users have to add the video or photos to the format, and the app will edit them by itself.

MOD Features of Mivi APK

Mivi MOD APK No Watermark

In the original version of the application, users are provided with a good experience. But when the users edit videos, a watermark appears on their videos. Users consider these watermarks very unfavorable for themselves. They do not want to show the name of the application in their personal content. Because of this problem, users find the application irritating. To avoid such circumstances, users are provided with a modified version of the app. Using Mivi apk download without watermark, users will not see any watermarks on their content after editing.

Mivi MOD APK has No-ads

Mivi mod apk, old version, provides its users with a good experience. But sometimes users find it annoying due to the frequent appearance of the ads. When the users are engaged in editing their video, all a sudden the ad appears. Due to the sudden appearance of the ads, users get distracted. They lose their attention and find the application irritating. Due to such issues, users start losing interest in the application.

To avoid such situations, users are provided with an upgraded version of the application. Mivi mod apk, no watermark, no ads is the feature that provides users with no ads. So using Mivi apk mod the users should not worry about the appearance of ads.

Mivi MOD APK Latest Version

If we discuss the latest version of Mivi APK, it is quite amazing. In Mivi Mod Apk Premium Unlocked, users are provided with extraordinary features. By using the latest version of the application, users can get every effect unlocked. Not only effects but also filters and templates will be provided unlocked. The users will not have to spend any of their money on unlocking the filters and templates. The latest version of the application fulfills all the demands of its users.  Enjoy the latest version of Pandora for amazing music.

Pros and Cons Mivi MOD APK

  • The application offers its users a large number of products. like headphones, speakers, and a host of other items.
  • The application offers its users a very simple and easy to use format. Users will find no complexity in the use of the application.
  • Users are provided with a huge variety of templates.
  • Users are also provided with stylish text styles.
  • Users can add music to their video and apply different filters and effects.
  • A few users of the application have reported some complaints. They reported that the application freezes or slows down while being used.
  • The users of the application believe that its services need improvement.

Requirements of Mivi MOD APK

Every application contains some requirements for being installed on a device. Mivi APK also has certain requirements. If the user’s device fulfills all the requirements, they can install the application. Android version 5.0 or later is required for the application. The users should be assured that their devices contain 50 MB of free storage space. The application also requires a RAM of 2GB or higher. Another very important need is a strong internet connection. Efficient use of the application is only possible if the users have a strong internet connection.

How to Download and Install Mivi MOD APK

  • Click on the Mivi MOD APK download button.
  • Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Now tap Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.


Mivi APK is free. You can download it from our website for free.

Mivi is a music video editor & status video maker. It is a wonderful music video editor.

Yes, its totally safe and already tested.

MoreApks provides you with the latest version of Mivi.


Mivi APK is one of the best video editing apps. The application provides its users with a wonderful interface for editing. The application also offers its users remarkable features. Users are provided with a variety of beautiful filters and effects. Users are also provided with many pretty templates. Users are even able to change the speed of their video. They can increase or decrease the speed of their video. Mivi MOD APK download is the perfect interface for video editing lovers. Don’t miss the chance to download such a fantastic application and have fun with its spectacular features. 

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