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Sometimes it happens that while using mobile phones, we wish to record our screens. Sometimes we have to share our on-screen activity with others. But our smartphones do not have such tools to record. Users find it troublesome for themselves. For such users, the developers created the XRecorder MOD APK. 

The application will help you record your screens. There are no complications with the use of the application. With the help of this application, you can record screens with ease. The application comes with a variety of useful features. Each feature of the application lets the users love the application. Also, the developers of the application created a very straightforward format. Thus, the overall application will provide you with an outstanding experience.

How to install and use XRecorder MOD APK 

There are some easy steps to follow to download the XRecorder APK. Follow the steps and enjoy all the games in one app.

  • Use an Internet search engine: To perform searches, users must visit the Google Play Store or App Store. There, they will see a search bar. In the search bar, users will have to type the name of the application. 
  • After activating the “unknown resources” option, users will need to go to the mobile settings. They can install the third-party application with the aid of this. Users will have to enable the option. They will be able to download the application from a third-party source as soon as they enable it. 
  • Install the application: Users will see the install button when they click on the application. When they press the button, the app will be downloaded and installed on their mobile devices. 
  • Start the app: After the application has been installed on a device, users can start and make use of it.

When the users open the application, they will come to the home page. But first, a notification will appear on their screens. It will tell the users to enable certain permissions. For this, the users will have to go to their mobile settings. There, they will have to provide their phone access to the app. 

After enabling permissions, users will come to the home page. There, users will see a red button. As soon as they press the button, the recording will start. Whereas to record a video, there is another way too. The users will have to go to the notification bar. In the bar, the option to record the screen will be available. Users will tap on the option, and their screens will be recorded. They can keep recording until they want it to stop. When they think they are done with recording, they can tap on the stop options. 

Not only that but they are also provided with a pause option. Thus, they can save the recorded video and view it later. Thus, the application has quite a convenient interface for users. You will love these similar apps as well from our site Motion Ninja MOD APK and EasyCut MOD APK. These apps fall under the same category of Video player and Editor.

Features of XRecorder APK

Record the Videos without Appearance of Watermarks 

The application offers a very favorable feature to its users. It allows users to record videos without watermarks. There are many other recording apps where the watermark appears after recording. Yet, the users get irritated and consider it unfavorable.

 They do not want any watermarks on their recorded video. So XRecorder comes with the favorable feature of no watermarks. This feature of the application makes it a favorite of the users. This is the main reason that applications have become popular in no time.

Record Sound along with the Recording Screen

The application comes with another fantastic feature. The application offers its users the feature of recording sound. Users can also record the sound along with the entire screen. This feature offers both internal and external recordings. It can record the internal audio of the phone. Or else users can also record external audio with the help of a microphone. Android users with a version older than 10 will be able to record enhanced audio. 

This will help them avoid the noises in the background. Also, it leads to more clarity in the audio recording. Users will experience flexibility in the microphone to a great extent. Yet, the application contains customizable audio settings. So they can make changes to the audio and adjust it appropriately. Thus, the overall feature is amazing and favorable.

Accessible and Convenient Format

The application contains a variety of favorable features. An accessible and straightforward format is one of them. The developers know that users are attracted to convenience. So they put in efforts to provide them with a very simple and less complex format. As the users open the app, they will come to the home page. 

Users will see that every mandatory option is visible on the screens. Users will not have to go for a deep search in the app. Also, every option is so understandable that there is no need for guidance. We can say that this feature makes the application popular in no time. Also, it is one of the main reasons that the app has become a favorite of several users.

MOD Features Of XRecorder APK 

XRecorder MOD APK Everything Unlocked

The original version of the application offers its users a wonderful experience. But they are still very unsatisfied with the app. The reason is that this version of the app restricts users to certain things. Users are not provided with everything unlocked. However, users want to enjoy every feature of the app. 

For this, they will have to pay and unlock its features. Yet, users consider it a very unfavorable act for themselves. They wish to utilize every function available on the app. Due to these reasons, the users began to lose interest in the application. You will get this Feature in Funimate MOD APK Video Editor app.

To stay away from such issues, users are offered an upgraded version. With the XRecorder MOD APK premium unlocked, users are provided with some extraordinary features. The modified version of the application comes with everything unlocked. So the users will not have to spend their money on unlocking features.

XRecorder MOD APK has No Ads 

XRecorder MOD APK, the old version, comes with a good experience. But the application is still not satisfactory for the users. The reason is the frequent appearance of the advertisements. When the users are engaged in recording, an ad appears. This sudden appearance of ads leads to interruptions in the user’s work. 

Due to this issue, users began to be deprived of the app. To avoid such a complicated situation, the developers created the XRecorder MOD APK. In the modified version of the app, users are provided with extraordinary features. The application contains a favorable feature of no ads. So using this app, users can record the screens without the appearance of ads.

Pros And Cons Of XRecorder MOD APK

  • The application contains a very simple and accessible format. 
  • The application comes with an extensive collection of favorable features. 
  • The application is free to use, and there is no need to pay for the app. 
  • The application works without demanding access to the root of your phone. 
  • The application comes without the appearance of watermarks. 
  • You can set a timer for recording your screens. 
  • The application allows you to record high quality content. 
  • The floating panel of the application is very smooth and understandable with ease. 
  • Some users have complained that the app has limited editing features. 
  • Users are not allowed to display their webcam footage on the screens. 
  • Lack of basic and necessary customization tools and options. 
  • Some users have complained that there is a lack of privacy. 
  • Excessive and abundant appearance of advertisements. 

Requirements of XRecorder MOD APK

All of us know that each application has some specific requirements. And the user’s devices will have to fulfill the requirements. So that the application can be installed on their devices. The XRecorder MOD APK also has certain requirements. Users will have to make sure that their devices fulfill all requirements. In this way, they can install the app. 

An Android version of 5.0 or later is required to use the application. Yet the processor of the application should be in good range. An approximate 2GB of RAM is required for the application. Also, enough storage space is required for the app to work in a better way. 

A strong and fast internet connection is also required. Good battery consumption is a must for the app to be installed. As long as your devices fulfill all these requirements, you can install the app. Fulfilling these requirements will help you have an excellent experience.

How to Download and Install XRecorder MOD

  • Click on the XRecorder MOD APK download button.
  • Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Now tap Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.


XRecorder APK is free. You can download it from our website for free.

You can download the XRecorder app for free on our website. The updated XRecorder is always available.

You can get followers, likes, and comments through the XRecorder MOD.

Yes, it is totally safe and already tested.

MoreApks provides you with the latest version of XRecorder MOD APK.


XRecorder MOD APK is one of the most well known recording applications. The app contains a variety of convenient features. Also, it offers the users a very simple, straightforward, and convenient format. The users can record their screens without the appearance of watermarks. 

Also, they can enjoy recording high quality videos. The application is available for both Android and PC. Also, the latest versions of Android can enjoy recording high quality audio. The app requires a few permissions to work more properly. So don’t miss the chance to install such a fantastic app. And have fun with the convenient application. 

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