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AirBrush MOD APK v5.18.0 (Free Premium Unlocked)

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Moreapk icon developerDeveloperPIXOCIAL TECHNOLOGY (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD.
Moreapk icon genreGenrePhotography
Moreapk last updatedUpdated Onv5.18.0
moreapk compatibilityCompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or Above
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AirBrush is an AI photo editing tool that was developed by Meitu. If you love photography, then this app is especially for you. Just download this app and enjoy its amazing features. The AirBrush interface will indulge you in your editing. You can beautify your photos with this app. Its usage is very simple and easy. Anyone can use it to edit their pictures and make them more professional. There is a list of features that you can use and employ.  

Using AirBrush APK, you can change the appearance of every picture using a variety of editing tools. After learning how to edit photos to match what they like, users may advance to a more professional level. The system creates composition, lighting controls, and other features. Video editing features have been added to the upgraded version. With Sparkle, users may draw attention to particular areas of an image. You will love Download Mivi MOD APK as well for photo editing.

How to Download and Use AirBrush MOD APK

  • Download the AirBrush app and install it on your device
  • In the search bar, type AirBrush app and tap on the search icon.
  • Look for the AirBrush app in the search results.
  • Tap on the app’s icon to open its page.
  • On the app’s interface page, click on the Install button.
  • You can download the app and install AirBrush on your Android device.
  • After successful installation, find the AirBrush app icon on your home screen or in the app drawer and tap on it to launch the application.
  • Tap on the app icon to launch the app.
  • Tap on the AirBrush icon to open the app.
  • If you are using the app for the first time, you might need to sign up for an account. If you already have an account, you can log in using your credentials.
  • Once you are logged in, you can start exploring the available languages and exercises to learn.

As the new version of the app is released, some new features will be added to the app. The continuous feedback of the users will lead to more improvements. More features are also added to any new update. 

The interface of the app is so easy to use, and after editing a few pictures or videos, you can get more fine results, and your professionalism will be shown in your editing. 

The downloading is very quick with a good internet connection. You can enjoy all the tools and features with a good internet connection. Some of the features can be used offline as well. The intuitive interface of the app will immerse you and make your editing more amazing. Most of the reviews about this app are very satisfactory. Users became more professional with this single app.

Features of AirBrush APK

Discard Interfering Components

Is your picture or a selfie showing any blemishes or acne? Don’t worry about that, and use this app and its features to make it a perfect selfie. A stunning selfie can be obtained with AirBrush. The scanner can be used by users to identify facial acne. Your skin will be smoother after the system gets rid of them. Furthermore, users may say goodbye to scars that were mistakenly made into the picture. The blemish remover will function to cover up the scars. 

You can reshape your face to look more effective and lively. Your skin tone can also be redefined. You can adjust your skin tone to get better results. The powder and the best foundation mixture will show the best results for your skin tone. You can find OldRoll MOD APK on our website as well.

Enhance the Overall Brightness of all the Images

With the help of the brightening tool of AirBrush, you can remove all the scars and blemishes from your skin. The dark circles around your eyes will also be removed. To customize the photos, just activate the feature and change the intensity as needed. With the help of this app, you will perfect your smile, instantly whiten your teeth, and brighten your eyes. Turn on the function as soon as possible to feel more comfortable smiling and expressing yourself in any portrait photo.

Perform Retouching on Your Favorite Photos

Retouching is an amazing art. People learn to retouch the photos to make them more sparkling. If you’re interested in learning the skill of photo retouching, AirBrush offers a tonne of easy-to-use and efficient tools. You may always choose which functions to use for blurring, cropping, stretching, slimming, and adjusting. Make your photos even more unique by adding creative touches to them. Use the included retouch presets to rapidly enable edits to the chosen images.

Preset Filters and Effects for Modification

There are many preset filters and effects in the AirBrush app that you can use to beautify your images. You need to explore this by simply exploring the section on filters and effects. This app is very easy to use. The filters and effects section performs better than any other app. The brighter filters will add spark to your picture. 

The artistic effects and their manual adjustments will enhance the brightness. Your ordinary photos will become more attractive. You can use the best combinations of effects to sharpen your photography skills. Just polish your skills and learn the easy use of this fantastic app. 

Modify the Body Shape

This app feature is the most used one. People love to slim or lengthen their body shape. Mostly, tool usage looks fake. But this feature is easy to apply. Just touch the screen and move the body according to your needs. If you want to lengthen your height, just stretch it. Or you can slim your body as well. Just modify the shape according to your needs.

Easily Operational and Easy Sharing

Any user level, from beginner to expert, can use AirBrush. Using the basic to complex customization options just requires clicking and swiping on the screen. Users may easily save and share the photographs wherever they are after finishing the modifications. The program offers the appropriate aspect ratios for social media sites such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It only takes a single swipe to share content on these websites without needing to download your library.

Smooth Operator to Smooth Pictures

The texture is almost shown in every picture. Sometimes we need the texture, and sometimes we do not. So we need to smooth some surfaces in our images. The Smooth Tool will provide you with a slider to adjust the smoothness of your images. You can adjust the weight of the smooth tool by selecting a light or heavy one. Just use this amazing tool with different settings and requirements. 

Boost the Pictures’ Visual Appeal

For those of you who are interested, you can now enable a variety of interesting effects in AirBrush. Experiment with your photos with many styles and depths. You can choose to enable the unique vignettes, which will force viewers to concentrate only on the specific areas you want them to focus on. You can try many in-depth features to modify your pictures. Add different styles that add excitement to your pictures. 

MOD Features of AirBrush APK

Old Version Unlocked AirBrush MOD APK

There are many of our audience whose devices are not compatible with the updated version of the Airbrush MOD APK. There are also many airbrush lovers or professionals whose work is best with the old versions of Airbrush, who want to work with the old version as they are skilled in it. So if you come to our website and you need the Airbrush MOD APK version you get it unlocked. All you have to do is comment and our team will help you get the old version of Airbrush compatible with your device. 

Premium Unlocked

In Airbrush MOD APK you will get all the features and filters unlocked, even the premium ones. You don’t have to pay for any in-app purchases in order to fully use this app. We give you the premium version of the Airbrush MOD APK to use it at a professional level. You will get Premium Unlocked in PhotoRoom MOD APK on our website.

No WaterMark

None of us like our photos with watermarks on them. So if you edit your images with the original Airbrush APK from the Google Play Store, you will get all your images with watermarks. But if you want to edit your images at the professional level or even at the personal level for any event or any of the business presentations, Airbrush MOD APJ offers you the No Watermark feature so you can enjoy the app without any hesitation.

Pros and Cons InstaUp MOD APK

  • The interface is easy to use
  • The adjusted image is easily shareable.
  • Edit the picture according to your need
  • Multiple features are available to explore
  • Add excitement to your photos with the help of many features.
  • Its main features are present in its pro version.
  • The pro version is paid
  • The AI headshots are also present in the pro version

Requirements of AirBrush MOD APK

This app is available for Android and iOS users as well. The Android version supported by the AirBrush app is 5.0 and up. We know that each application has its own requirements. Just like others, the AirBrush MOD APK also comes with certain requirements. The app requires an Android version of 5.0 or higher. The device should have 283MB of free storage space. Yet, the users should also have a strong and reliable internet connection. The stronger the connection, the easier the editing will be. 

Also, the application requires certain permissions to work. For example, the application requires camera permissions. So users will have to enable these permissions in their device settings. To download the app, users should have an Android device. This is because the app will not get installed on any other device.

How to Download and Install AirBrush MOD APK

  • Click on the AirBrush MOD APK download button.
  • Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Now tap Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.


AirBrush APK is free. You can download it from our website for free.

You can download the AirBrush app for free on our website. The updated AirBrush is always available.

You can get followers, likes, and comments through the AirBrush APK.

Yes, it is safe and already tested.

MoreApks provides you with the latest version of AirBrush.


If you are a lover of photography, then this AirBrush MOD APK app is for you. Both Android and iOS users can use this application for free. Some of the features are present in the PRO version of AirBrush. This application makes many users experts in editing. It’s easy to use, which will help you learn about this app. The amazing features of this app will add excitement to your photos. 

It will add depth and style to your photos. The filter section will also add more modifications to your photos. Its download and usage are very easy. You can simply link to your Google account. Just run this app on your device and use its amazing features. Just click on the download button and unlock the premium features of AirBrush MOD APK.

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