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Moreapk icon appApp NameAvast Cleanup APK
Moreapk icon developerDeveloperAvast Software
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Moreapk last updatedUpdated Onv24.05.0
moreapk compatibilityCompatibilityAndroid 8.0 or Above
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Are you looking for a way to get Avast Cleanup with all premium features unlocked? If so, you will enjoy this Avast Cleanup Pro APK. Now, optimize your device’s memory by removing all unwanted data and files with a single click. Avast Cleanup MOD APK is a powerful toolset for Android smartphones. That includes features like RAM Cleaner, Quick Battery Booster, and many more. To help you speed up and extend the life of your smartphone’s battery. You may remove all throwaway files, caches, and useless materials from your smartphone. Clearing up storage space and improving device performance.

This program includes a unique technological system. That can detect and remove any battery-wasting apps using hibernation mode. You can also uninstall pre-installed bloatware and useless applications. We all know that there are many premium features. Such as automatic battery profiles and auto-cleaning schedules, are locked. Enjoy another amazing tool ChatGPT for your daily use.

They are only available by purchasing premium memberships, which are quite expensive. So, to solve this problem, I’m going to present you with a function. Avast Cleanup MOD APK 2024 has all premium features unlocked. Continue reading to learn the best ways to use this cleanup tool. Which will improve device speed and increase security.

How To Install And Use Avast Cleanup APK

  • Visit an online search tool: Users must use an online search engine. Such as Google Play or the App Store. They will see a search bar. Users will need to enter the app’s “Avast Cleanup”  name into the search field.
  • After selecting the “Unknown Resources” Option: Users must access their smartphone’s settings. They will have control over unknown resources. Users will need to enable the option. The app will be available for download from a third-party website.
  • Installing the program: Clients tap the application. They will see an installation button. When the user clicks the button. The app Avast Cleanup will be downloaded to their mobile devices.
  • Open the software: Users can get it by downloading it on their devices.

The “greatest” storage for Android Avast Cleanup MOD APK? Looking to save data and device space? Do you want to remove all applications and data from your phone and start over? If you have any of these questions, contact Avast Cleanup. A free tool provides the best methods. For restoring your smartphone to factory settings. Trial versions are available from Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

It’s no secret that mess can be both a distraction and an issue in your house. With so much stuff around, determining where everything should go. What purpose it serves in your life can be difficult. They quit their search for a more orderly life. Many people mess up their homes with unnecessary products. This is where the Avast Cleanup modification comes from.

This free program will help your smartphone remove more unattractive stuff. It defines your products and offers many options for arranging them. With photographs, text, and notes ensuring that everything is maintained. This will also clear any Avast Cleanup modded cache on your device. Freeing up valuable RAM for other purposes. If you need more space on your phone or want to ensure. You have enough space for your most-used applications. Download this Avast Cleanup MOD APK latest version from the Google app.

Features of Avast Cleanup APK

Get free space on your mobile or PC with this simple app. Just download the Avast Cleanup APK and get notified for the free space.

Use the Methods for Free Storage

Android users using Avast Cleanup can use the available tools. To clean up their system right away. Allow the software to analyze your system storage for a complete view of the storage spaces. Data that may be erased. Allow it to discover different forms of data and examine its various features. Such as sizes and file formats. You can then increase your storage space by removing unwanted files.

At the same time, you can work on your photo and video libraries from your devices. Using the options included in Avast Cleanup MOD APK, you can run an urgent recovery of the system storage. The program uses its smart detections to determine. Whether a photo is bad (blurry, poor lighting, duplicated, etc.), we propose that you delete it.

With one simple press, you can clean up your library and show the best photographs from the group. You may also connect the app to your cloud drives and upload the actual photos online. Ensuring that you never lose them. So you may erase any videos or photographs that you don’t need or that are using up too much storage space.

Improve System Performance

Avast Cleanup also includes the powerful RAM Cleaner tool. Which allows you to power up the system by removing unnecessary app instances. You can save system resources for other programs. By stopping hungry apps from using them, such as RAM, CPU, traffic, and so on. This ensures that their functions run smoothly and properly. The app will help you erase data from pre-installed junk and apps that you no longer need on your device.

Overview of All Available Apps

If you want to control the system from the viewpoint of the apps, you can always go. To the App Overview menu, which contains all the key information. The programs that are currently installed on your device. You may enable the wasting apps analysis. Which will offer users detailed usage statistics. As well as a study of app growth since installation. Notifications, draining app instances, and more. All this will allow you to draw more accurate conclusions about the apps’ performance.

Tap the clean option in the App Overview menu to uninstall the desired application. You may also uninstall updates for pre-installed system apps. Which you cannot delete without root access. These actions ensure that these apps no longer drain your system’s data and resources.

Improve Battery Life for a Longer Runtime

Avast Cleanup MOD APK, which allows all these improvements. Cleanup operations can increase the battery life of your Android system. Unnecessary phone operations. App instances will no longer operate in the background. Causing your battery to run out. The clean-up feature allows you to clean the system RAM without any problems. Also, feel free to store and enable the various profiles. Your specific settings are available for app efficiency. Which will result in different run times with the current battery.

Useful Device Management Tools

Avast Cleanup MOD APK now includes important device manager features. That makes it simple to completely check the system or perform rapid actions. The system screen displays all the critical information. About the device and how it operates. Feel free to review the provided data to ensure that your system is still operational.

Use the App Hibernation feature to stop some app instances from running. To extend battery life and improve device performance. This allows you to improve the system without having to delete specific applications. And the smart Safe Clean option will help you clean the system without creating too much work. Use the clean option to remove unnecessary data. System caches, gallery thumbnails, and other items. The software will hunt for files that can be removed or whitelisted.

You can now work with the useful Cleaning Adviser in Avast Cleanup. Which gives Android users an overview of their phones. Provides quick answers to any problems.

Mod Feature of Avast Cleanup APK

Premium Unlocked

If you want the full version of the app but don’t want to pay the premium charges, you may now. Download the modified version of Avast Cleanup MOD APK from our website. We present the unlocked professional features for all Android users. To use without any cost. All you need to do is download the Avast Cleanup Pro APK. Follow the instructions, and use the program to improve your devices.

Including theme modification, auto-cleaning schedule, hibernation mode, device security, and many more. You can change the battery usage based on your current location. Schedule automated cleaning activities that will not interfere with your multitasking experiences. Use the Deep Clean option to scan the system. Also, if you encounter any problems, contact Avast.

No Ads

During the free subscription plan, you must post many ads in the Avast cleanup MOD APK. You can upgrade to a paying membership while watching a movie. Every advertisement has been removed. Avast Cleanup MOD APK with no ads is a premium bundle. It contains no advertisements and is absolutely free.

Pros and Cons of Avast Cleanup MOD APK

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Renew your PC.
  • Solve computer problems.
  • Controls the use of energy.
  • Automatically updates programs.
  • There are too many notifications.
  • Unsuitable for older operating system versions.
  • Does not contain malware protection and removal tools.
  • There are no tools for clearing up mail garbage (such as attachments).
  • No CPU or memory monitor.

Requirements of Avast Cleanup MOD APK Version

To execute this program on your PC, you must have an x64 architecture and Windows 10 version 0.0 or higher. Your PC should include a combined keyboard and mouse. Make sure you have at least 1 GB of memory, preferably 2 GB. Your processor should be an Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64, or something newer that supports SSE3.

How to Download and Install Avast Cleanup MOD File

  • Click on the Avast Cleanup MOD APK download button.
  • Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Now tap Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.


Avast Cleanup Premium is generally useful, but it is also pricey and may not be worth the buy.

Avast Cleanup Premium allows you to improve performance and speed up your PC.

When looking for online protection, Avast is an excellent choice.

Yes, it is completely safe to use the Avast Cleanup Pro MOD APK on any device.

If you use the free version of Avast Cleanup, you must see advertisements. To enjoy its functions, but if you upgrade to the premium features, no advertisements. Will appear on your screen


Download the Avast Cleanup Premium APK. Avast is an antivirus program that can remove junk files and free up space.  To improve device performance, control software, and battery life. It provides customers with unmatched top-notch cleanup and boosting features. Including tools for cleaning trash files, and cache files. Unnecessary files, RAM boosting, storage boosters, and erasing corrupted files, among others. In this MOD version of the platform, consumers get unlocked premium editions for free. Experience the complimentary serving of the application.

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