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Moreapk last updatedUpdated Onv5.42.6
moreapk compatibilityCompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or Above
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Macrodroid MOD APK is one of the most well-known automation apps on social media. People remain in search of apps that automate tasks on their Android devices. Keeping in view the needs of users, developers designed a fantastic app. With the help of the Macrodroid APK, users can streamline their actions on Android devices. 

The app in general comes with an automatic optimization feature. The app comes with a convenient user interface. Not only that, but it involves extraordinary features. We can say that this app is the perfect choice to automate your Android devices. This article will guide you through the Macrodroid app.

How To Install And Use Macrodroid APK

  • Use a search engine on the internet: To conduct searches, users must visit the Google Play Store or the App Store. There, they will see a search bar. Users have to enter the name of the “Macrodroid app” into the search bar. 
  • Turn on the “unknown resources” option: After activating the “unknown resources” option, users need to go to their mobile settings. They can help with the third-party program’s installation with this. Users will have to enable the option. After it is enabled, they will be able to download the application from an external source. 
  • Install the app. When a user clicks on the application, an install button will appear. When they hit the button, the Macrodroid app will download and install on their mobile devices. 
  • Launch the app: Users can open and use the application once it has been installed on their device.

When the users open the app, they will come to the home page. On the main page, users will see the basic format of the app. Also, the mandatory options will be visible on the main page. Here we will discuss the basic steps of using the app. On the main page, users will see a plus button. Users can tap on the button to select the macro. The users will first have to select a particular event. This selection will help the users begin the automation process. 

Users will see almost 70 triggers in the app. Each trigger in the app involves location. Not only that, but it also involves device status and sensors. Also, connectivity is the basic part of the trigger in the app. So users can keep all of these options in consideration. And then select the trigger with great focus. The action selection is covered in the next step. 

The users will have to select the tasks they want to automate. Once the users are done selecting actions, the Macrodroid app will begin to perform them automatically. There are over a hundred actions available in the app. For example, volume adjustment, enabling wifi, scheduling alarms, and many more. 

After that, users will be able to use the constraints option. This option will help the user run the macro. In simple words, users can set some rules under which the app will work. Users can complete the whole procedure with ease. And then they can save their macro. For this, the users will first have to name their macro. And after that, they can save it for automation.

Features Of Macrodroid APK

A Wide Variety Of Triggers Are Available

The app involves a variety of triggers in the app. Users will interact with different kinds of triggers. They can use them according to their needs. Let’s discuss all kinds of triggers available in the app. The first kind of trigger is a location-based trigger. This type involves a global positioning system. Also, cell towers are involved in it. The other kind of trigger is the device status trigger. Battery level is the basic part of this kind of trigger. 

Also, starting and closing the device are included in this trigger. The third kind of trigger is a sensor trigger. This trigger leads to shaking and low levels. Connectivity triggers are also available in the app. This trigger includes Bluetooth, WiFi, and other device notifications. Time and date triggers are also a basic kind of trigger. The most popular type of trigger is an event trigger. This trigger includes message and call notifications. Users can select all of them or any of them.

Performs Almost All Kinds Of Actions

The app comes with another very interesting feature. The app allows its users to perform different kinds of actions. The app can control media playback actions. The app can pause, play, and skip the tracks. The app can also control and adjust the volume levels. It can even change the ringtones and notification sounds. The app can enable or disable WiFi or Bluetooth connections. 

Furthermore, it can make changes to other mobile settings. It can open the apps running on the user’s devices. And it will also open the websites if you need to. The app also has the ability to send messages and emails. It can even speak the texts on your mobile devices. All the necessary notifications will be displayed on your screens. The app will also monitor the brightness of the screen. In general, we can say that the app can control all the small and large actions.

Experience Constraints, Variables, And Flow Control Options

The app contains another very remarkable feature for its users. The app comes with constraints and variable options. It even includes flow controls for the users. First, we will discuss the constraint option. By using this option, users will gain the authority of the app. In simple words, constraints will decide when and where the app will work. Users can set a particular time duration for the macro to perform a task. 

If we discuss the variable option, users can use it for storing data. The data stored by using variables will be stored in macros. Users can store their home screen data. They can store their WiFi passwords. Variables will also help them know how many times a macro has run on their devices. Moving forward to the flow controls, which help the users create complex macros, overall, this feature is one of the main reasons behind the app’s popularity.

MOD Features Of Macrodroid APK 

Macrodroid MOD APK Has Everything Unlimited And Unlocked 

The earlier versions of the app offer ultimate positivity. But still, the users are not satisfied with the application. The reason behind this is that users are somehow restricted. Users want to experience and enjoy every feature. But they are only granted access to a few features. If users want to access every single feature, they will have to use paid plans. 

This is the reason that users become sick of using the app. They have no desire to use their money to unlock features. Or we can say that some people do not have enough money to spend. All such reasons let the users to lose interest in the app. Whereas the developers of the app do not want them to do so. They want the users to stay engaged and connected with the app. 

Because they know that losing interest in the app is not a good impact. For this reason, users developed a modified version of the app. In Macrodroid Pro MOD APK, users are offered everything unlimited. Macrodroid MOD APK premium is unlocked and involves unlocked features. So using Macrodroid MOD APK, you will not have to worry about restrictions.

Macrodroid MOD APK Has No Advertisements

The previous version of the app comes with ultimate favors. But still, the users are not satisfied with it. The reason is the frequent appearance of advertisements. It happens that the user inputs the prompt. Abruptly, an advertisement materializes. Due to this, the response from the app is pending. The users consider this a very distracting and unfavorable act for themselves. 

They also want to get rid of these irritating advertisements. These are the actual reasons for losing interest in the app. To avoid such complications, the developers launched an upgraded version of the app. In Macrodroid MOD APK, users are offered extraordinary features. The upgraded version comes with the favorable feature of no advertisements. So using the latest version, you can enjoy the app without any distractions.

Pros And Cons Of Macrodroid MOD APK

  • There are many effective features available for users to select from.
  • The format provided to the users is more fundamental and less complex.
  • The application is free to use. Moreover, there is no cost to use the application.
  • The app contains a variety of triggers to select from.
  • The app even involves a huge collection of variables and constraints. 
  • The flow control option is also available in the app. 
  • The app controls the entire functionality of your Android devices.
  • The app offers complete privacy and security for your data.
  • A few users have expressed dissatisfaction with the app’s security and privacy. 
  • The application frequently displays ads.
  • By using and modifying high-quality content, users will experience crashes in the application. 
  • Certain devices are incompatible with the application.

Requirements of Macrodroid MOD APK

As we already know, each app has particular requirements. And if your device meets those specifications, you can install the application. After making sure their device satisfies the required requirements, users can install it. Similar to other apps, the Macrodroid MOD APK also has some specific requirements. 

The application is only available for Android users. For Android devices, the app is compatible with a minimum 5.0 version. For a better experience, users can use the higher Android versions. Higher than 1 GB of RAM is recommended for the app installation. Almost 500 MB of free space is a must for app installation. If your devices are eligible to fulfill all such requirements, you can enjoy using the app.

How to Download and Install Macrodroid 3D MOD File

  • Click on the Macrodroid MOD APK download button.
  • Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Now tap Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.


Don’t worry if you don’t want to pay for a subscription. The MOD version of this program includes the full version for free

To gain free premium tools in the Vimage app, download the MOD version. Then you will be able to enjoy all the app’s premium features

Macrodroid MOD is free to download from the Google Play Store. Some features are limited. They need a monthly subscription fee. But excellent on you. Our website allows you to download it with all its features unlocked.

Of course, you can apply more than one effect to your shot, but make sure you are not on a pro membership.


Macrodroid MOD APK is one of the most well-known apps on social media. The application contains diversity in every way. Due to its many useful features, the application has become more and more popular. Not only that, but the app allows you to select and use various triggers. 

The app will manage almost every action on your Android devices. Also, you can use the flow controls option to better manage your phone. You can even apply constraints to the macros. You can have a catchy experience with the app. The application’s format is yet another excellent illustration of convenience. The app even offers ultimate privacy and security for your data. 

All of the tools in the app can be used for the fastest response. You can enjoy the application for free. This version of the application avoids advertisements. Thus, Macrodroid MOD APK is a sort of entertainment. This explains why it became so well-known so quickly. The overall application is a masterpiece. Please remember to download this amazing app. You can add excitement and memorable moments to your free time.

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