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Game Booster MOD APK v2.0.5 4x Faster (Premium Unlocked)

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Moreapk last updatedUpdated Onv2.0.5.4
moreapk compatibilityCompatibilityAndroid 4.4 or Above
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Have you ever had your gadget become jerky and slow due to force majeure? It generated a great deal of frustration during difficult matches. These delays happen on your device regularly. This has a big impact on both the game mechanics and the score. Gamers will be pleased if this issue can be fixed. Technological developments make this possible. 

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro is a popular product because players believe in it. This feature enables users to transform their smartphones. Tablets into full-fledged gaming consoles. This enables the installation and playback of more demanding games. On devices rated as mid-range and below. Because of the increased popularity of games, the playground industry is expanding. Check out another amazing tool named CCleaner to make space.

It is an essential tool in any gamer’s software collection. It allows you to improve your Android functions. To achieve outstanding results even when playing the most demanding games. With a simple and easy-to-use interface and almost no resource consumption. It is a fascinating tool. For increasing the ability of mid-range devices.

It is quite simple to use because of its natural interface design. When you open the app, you will be given three alternatives. ‘Boost’ will maximize your system resources. By ignoring background apps and freeing up cache memory, ‘Ultra Boost’ will kill any system processes. That is not required for it to function, while ‘GFX Tools’ will allow you to change. The screen resolution on your phone or tablet. Game Booster MOD APK 4x Faster Free also has a tool. That examines specific games and adjusts your device based on their requirements.

How to Download and Install the Game Booster APK

  • Visit an online search tool: Users must use an online search engine. Such as Google Play or the App Store. They will see a search bar. Users will need to enter the app’s “Game Booster” name into the search. 
  • After selecting the “Unknown Resources” Option: Users must access their smartphone’s settings. They will have control over unknown resources. Users will need to enable the option. The app will be available for download from a third-party website.
  • Install the app. An install button will show up when a user clicks on the application. When they hit the button, the app will download and install on their mobile devices. 
  • Launch the app: Once installed on a device, users can launch and utilize the application.

Game Booster 4x Faster APK is a solution that allows you to play your game with a simpler interface. You can use this tool to free up RAM space and avoid slowness. It also includes a Gfx tool that allows you to alter the graphics of your game and add new features to it.

It provides the opportunity to change the settings. Your gaming experience has been optimized for maximum enjoyment. These changes must be made before the game begins for the support to function. Users can also alter the resolution, frames per second (FPS), or visual quality. To improve their game experience. They are providing a solid basis for the game. You are unable to play some games due to your device’s slow performance.

Game Booster MOD APK is the perfect answer for you. With a few easy changes, the application delivers the necessary solutions. To ensure that you have a smooth and delightful entertainment experience. Many components can be updated with a single, user-friendly application. Download Game Booster 4x faster Pro APK from our website.

Features of Game Booster APK

Smart Game Turbo Options to Enhance Your Games

Android users in Game Booster MOD APK 4x Faster Pro can select the fast Game Turbo option. To immediately speed up their system. By pressing the button, you can enable many tasks at once. Feel free to use the app to clear up RAM and make space for new program processes. Unlock the useful AI to improve your games and apps with a variety of intelligent settings. HDR image quality allows for greater visuals in the game. They make special effects more exciting. Have fun using the software to improve the quality and speed of your gameplay.

Check the System Performance

You can now use the available monitors in it to check your system in Game Booster MOD APK. Feel free to check the system’s performance. To maintain security and learn how to resolve specific in-game difficulties. Have access to the helpful HUD check to check on your memory load. Which will keep your devices from burning up too much RAM and neglecting games. Avast Cleanup will increase the performance of your device or system.

Make sure your storage load remains under control so that you have enough power to keep your data. Also, enable the useful temperature check. To keep track of your device’s heating issues. Keep an eye on your network speed to ensure a good experience with online games.

Use the GFX Tools to Enhance the Game’s Beauty

Android gamers may now enjoy playing with a variety of visual settings. Allowing them to improve and add interest to their games. Feel free to adjust the resolution settings in each of your games. You can increase the resolution to match your current display. Have far better in-game experiences. Use the options to reduce the graphics. Ensure that your devices can handle the visual settings.

The FPS settings will allow players to switch between a variety of opportunities. It may range from the limited 30FPS to the normal 60FPS, or even 90FPS or 120FPS. If their screen and devices are capable of handling the difficulties, the app. It will also enable it to change styles. Which allows users to change their style settings.

Make Use of Other Useful Features

You may now take advantage of the more helpful features. To make your in-game experiences even more enjoyable. Begin by always having the Quick Boost option open to help you enhance your gaming. Feel free to use the Quick Launch feature to have it ready for certain games. The available gaming parameters will allow you. To interact with a wide range of system parameters. All this will allow you to increase not only your games but also the other apps on your PC.

Enhance Device Performance Without Heating

It can now be used to boost the performance of your devices in the Game Booster MOD APK. While avoiding heating issues. Please feel free to use it on any Android smartphone. It will create suitable boosting profiles for your system.

MOD Feature of Game Booster APK

Unlocked Everything

Android users will be able to enjoy smooth and lag-free online games. Game Booster 4x Faster Pro’s Zero Slow Mode optimizes the game setup. Using the performance settings, which will allow. You can choose from several graphic options. Levels to achieve different outcomes. The software will check your network activity. To ensure that specific apps or games are always chosen. Unlock the premium features of ChatGPT here.

Unlocked Everything in Game Booster

To make the app look better, Android users can now work with it. The free and unlocked version is available on our website. There is no longer a need to pay to install the full-featured application. All you need to do is download the Game Booster 4x Faster Pro MOD APK. Follow the specified instructions, and you’re done.

Extra Features Included

Game Booster Pro APK has a few extra features that users will enjoy. This software includes a gaming setting. You may adjust the game settings completely using the system settings. A quick boost is available to use when playing the game. One tap will remove every unsuitable user from your phone.

If you experience a minor delay in gameplay, use the rapid boot button to gain more performance. This software includes a list of your gaming activities. This listing format follows a mobile game listing section. It’s wonderful to look at. During games, you get the highest FPS possible while keeping your device cool. Do not worry about the cell phone heating issue.

Pros and Cons of Game Booster MOD APK

  • Suggestions
  • Single-click or step-by-step optimization.
  • Not limited to games.
  • My games.
  • Extra possibilities.

Requirements of Game Booster

Your machine has one gigabyte of memory and an NVIDIA GeForce 510 graphics card. An Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz processor. Files take up 100 megabytes of space. It supports a variety of Windows operating systems. Including Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, XP, and Vista, it provides you with a flexible computing experience.

How to Download and Install Game Booster MOD APK File

  • Click on the Game Booster MOD APK download button.
  • Save the file in your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Now tap Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and start playing it right away

Note: Enable “unknown resource” in the security setting of your device.


Game booster MOD APK not only enhances PC performance for gaming purposes. But it also provides many other compelling benefits.

Boosting is a technique used by beginners in online multiplayer games. Such as first-person shooters and multiplayer online.

The safety of game booster software varies depending on the application employed.

You would not be banned from using this product.

A game booster, or game accelerator, is a software tool designed. To improve gaming performance.


We provided thorough information about the Game Booster MOD APK 4x Faster Pro APK application. We propose this program for people who own low-end Android handsets. Try this application to get rid of the slow performance. GFX allows you to play graphics games without delay. GFX will enhance your gaming experience with this great application. Improve the benchmark score of your low-end smartphone. Turn on turbo mode to create a live stream on YouTube. Download this excellent program using the links provided in the article below.

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